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Rajdhani Hospital, also known as Shivajyoti Hospital, has been providing professional meidical service in Nepal from 2074. Located in Balkhu, Kathmandu, we provide quality medical services at an affordable price. Rajdhani hospital is a 50 bedded affordable private hospital in the heart of Kathmandu. The hospital boasts of a team of dedicated and trained doctors, well trained nurses and supporting staffs including paramedics working round the clock fully prepared to tackle any emergency situations (Trauma, OT service  and ICU care)  occurring at any odd hours. 

Rajdhani Hospital takes pride in providing advanced medical , surgical interventions and combination of inpatient and outpatient services in Kathmandu. We also have been providing 24 Hours Emergency Service, 24 Hours Pharmacy Service, 24 Hours Pathology Service, 24 Hours ICU Service and 24 Hours X-Ray Service. We have experienced Medical Team to do Investigation, Treatment, Surgeries, Cure Minor and Major Disease and help patients live a healthy life.


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